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Three priority research areas

À l'écran : modèles 3D obtenus par la méthode de stéreo multi-vues, PMVS (dévellopée par l'équipe WILLOW en collaboration avec l'université de Washington). © INRIA / Photo Kaksonen

The Inria Paris research centre is closely involved in the local economic and social fabric, always trying to develop new concepts and techniques.

Of its 38 research teams, around twenty conduct their research in collaboration with one or more partners (universities, other research organisations, industrial operators, etc.).

In order to take account of local particularities, the research centre has built its scientific policy around three priority research areas:

Networks and communication systems

The web, mobile phones and broadband terminals all depend on increasingly sophisticated networks and systems. Inria Paris intends to continue to make major contributions to improving the performance and safety levels of these infrastructures, particularly for "peer-to-peer" systems and computing grids.

Reliable software and security

Every day, our daily environment welcomes more technology including a substantial and often invisible software element – from the smart card to the cellular phone, from the automobile to very large transport aircraft, from the doctor's surgery to the operating theatre. Inria Paris is working on tools that will enable high-quality and ever more efficient and reliable software to be designed more quickly.

Modelling of living things and the environment

New techniques in experimental biology, progress in medical imaging, and the enormous number of readings taken by satellites and sensors provide vast data sets. The centre is working on complex mathematical and computer models to exploit these data. Our techniques allow us, for example, to model organs or cell systems, and to predict changes in the soil and the biosphere.

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