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Mario Sigalotti, new Cage team leader

The Cage team enters the Paris resarche center and is headed by Mario Sigalotti.


 What does Cage stand for? What are your main research topics?

Cage is a contraction of "Control and Geometry", which are the two main pillars of our research. We take inspiration from geometry to control dynamic systems as effectively as possible and we use the tools of control theory to investigate basic properties of mathematical objects.

Would you say this research is basic or applied? What applications might it have?

In our approach, the two aspects – basic research and the applications of that research – feed into one other. We are still a team of mathematicians, but the real constraints of the physical systems we look at guide our analysis and provide inspiration for new techniques. The main applications we are working on in relation to control problems are quantum technologies, image processing and aerospace, but we also contribute to systems control with medical and waterway network management applications.

 Do you have any industrial or academic partnerships?

Yes, we have many academic partnerships with teams in France (Saclay, Grenoble, Orléans, Toulon, etc.), Europe (SISSA and La Sapienza in Italy, UCL in Belgium, EPFL in Switzerland, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain, etc.) and the rest of the world (Rutgers and Lehigh in the US, Shandong in China, etc.). CAGE's members have some long-standing partnerships with CNES and Airbus.

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