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François Fages awarded the Michel Monpetit Prize

François Fages

On Tuesday, 14 October, at the French Académie des Sciences , François Fages was awarded the Michel Monpetit Prize.

The prize was awarded to François Fages, Research Director (Lifeware team) at the Inria Paris-Rocquencourt Research Centre, for his remarkable contribution to fundamental computing (notably in the fields of unification theory and constraint programming) and also to systems biology applications (notably for his work on modelling biochemical systems and in developing and supervising implementation of the BIOCHAM software environment).

The Michel Monpetit Prize

An annual prize (worth 4,500 euros) founded by IRIA (which became Inria in 1980), and which is awarded to a researcher or engineer in recognition of his or her work, at a French laboratory, in the field of Applied Mathematics, and relating in particular to computer science or automation, robotics or signal processing. The winner is someone who has distinguished him- or herself by the originality of their fundamental ideas and the applied nature of their research. Their work may also be assessed on the basis of research results being transferred to industry and their potential use by French industry.

Keywords: Constraint programming Biocham LifeWare