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Elias Tsigaridas (Polsys) receives an ANR (French National Research Agency) Young Researchers award

The JCJC instrument allows project promoters to develop, autonomously, work on a specific theme. It promotes the taking of responsibility and the capacity for scientific innovation.

You have received an ANR Young Researchers award, can you tell us about this programme?

The ANR "Young Researchers" programme (JCJC) assists researchers who obtained their PhD less than 10 years ago. The aim is to prepare the new generation of young researchers, to give them the opportunity to form a scientific team in order to tackle difficult and important scientific and technological problems.

Which research project did you present?

My research project, GALOP (Games through the lens of ALgebra and geometry of OPtimization) is a project that aims to push the boundaries of the algebraic tools currently used in stochastic games.

It brings original and innovative algebraic tools, based on symbolic-numeric computation, using the geometry and structure of the problem in question and improving the state of the art. We support our theoretical tools with open-source software that is very effective in solving polynomials.

By using our algebraic tools, we are studying the geometry of the central curve of semi-definite positive optimisation problems. The algebraic tools and our results for the geometry of the optimisation open the way to introducing effective algorithms and obtaining accurate estimates of complexity for stochastic games. The duration of the GALOP project is four years. Hugo Gimbert (LaBRI), Fredrik Johansson (Inria Bordeaux) and Jean-Charles Faugère and Mohab Safey El Din from my POLSYS team are also members of the GALOP project; we are also going to recruit a PhD student.

What will this award bring you?

This award will give me the opportunity and the means to create and lead a small research team that will work on the fundamentals of algebraic and geometric algorithms and its applications in game theory and optimisation.

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