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Ambiciti: an application, a start-up

The Ambiciti application, which is revolutionary in the real-time analysis of air and noise pollution, is already used in several cities in Europe and the United States will soon follow. Capable of providing the level of air and noise pollution street-by-street and in real time, thereby proposing the "healthiest" itinerary, the application provides a solution to urban citizens to live better in their city. The application was deployed in Paris on 25 September 2016 as part of Car-Free Day.

Backed by EIT Digital as part of a "Digital Cities" innovation project, the Ambiciti start-up has developed its application of the same name thanks to Inria and the SMEs NUMTECH and TheCivicEngine, within the scope of Inria@SiliconValley and CityLab@Inria.

The Ambiciti application enables the monitoring of individual and collective exposure to noise and air pollution. In addition, it allows for the measurement of ambient noise using a smart phone microphone (whilst respecting the user's privacy, as it sends a noise level measurement to the system and not the sound picked up by the microphone), the monitoring of exposure during the day and the mapping of one's neighbourhood, alone or in a group. The application provides hourly information on air quality levels, today and for the coming days.

In Paris - and soon other European and American cities - Ambiciti is the first application to propose air quality maps at street level resolution, for a refined assessment of one’s exposure.

On Android and soon iOS, an itinerary service makes it possible for pedestrians to choose a route that minimises exposure to noise or air pollution. This service is currently available for Amsterdam, Greater London, Hamburg, Helsinki, Paris, San Francisco and numerous cities in Switzerland.

Valérie Issarny, co-founder of Ambiciti and scientific coordinator of the Inria@SiliconValley programme, says:

"Our aim is to produce the best assessment of exposure to environmental pollution, in particular thanks to hourly pollution maps (noise, air,a minima) up to street level resolution. Our app combines all the available sources of information: digital simulations, observations from fixed and mobile sensors, and qualitative observations. In this way, we hope to meet a growing demand from citizens but also from businesses on the issues of environmental pollution."

The co-founders of the Ambiciti start-up are, for their part, experts in the internet of things and distributed systems (Valérie Issarny, Pierre-Guillaume Raverdy; Inria), the combined processing of environmental simulations and observations (Vivien Mallet; Inria), air quality (Pierre Béal; NUMTECH) and of the health consequences of environmental pollution (Rajiv Bhatia; doctor, former head of the San Francisco health/environment department).

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