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2016 Décibel d'Or (Golden Decibel) competition: Ambiciti receives the Décibel d'Argent (Silver Decibel) prize in the "Research" category in Paris, 5 December 2016.

Ambiciti reçoit le Décibel d'Argent

Inria and the Paris city council are awarded aDécibel d'Argentprize for Ambiciti, an application to measure pollution in towns that, in particular, allows each citizen to measure individual and collective exposure to noise pollution.

Ambiciti, the application for measuring pollution in towns

Ambiciti is a free mobile application that aims to measure individual and collective exposure to noise and air pollution. Ambiciti enables the measurement of noise levels thanks to smart phone microphones and a proven calibration on around a hundred devices.

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A project that is built around research, citizen participation, action by towns or regions and the operational development of an application, in the form of a rich, durable tool.

Décibel d'Or competition

Created in 1991 by the French National Noise Council (CNB)*, theDécibel d'Orcompetition has, for 25 years, rewarded industrialists, elected representatives, teachers, designers, representatives of associations, researchers, French and Europeans, who demonstrate significant, innovative or remarkable achievements with regard to environmental noise improvement.

For this 17th edition, five categories were selected:

  •             "Towns and Regions",
  •             "Health and the Environment",
  •             "Products, Tools and Methods",
  •             "Acoustic Equipment and Constructive Systems",
  •             "Research".

Marc MORTUREUX, director-general for Risk Prevention at the French Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs and Christophe BOUILLON, Member of Parliament for Seine-Maritime and president of the French National Noise Council*, awarded the trophies at the 17th edition of theDécibel d'Orcompetition in Paris on 5 December at the Fondation Cartier contemporary art museum. 

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