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Comparing discrete and piecewise affine differential equation models of gene regulatory networks

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  • Date : 26/02/2014
  • Place : Inria Paris-Rocquencourt, Salle de réunion, Bâtiment 08 - 10:30
  • Guest(s) : Shahrad Jamshidi, LINA, Nantes

We compare the discrete asynchronous logical modeling formalism for gene regulatory networks due to R. Thomas with piecewise affine differential equation models. We provide a local characterization of the qualitative dynamics of a piecewise affine differential equation model using the discrete dynamics of a corresponding Thomas model.

Based on this result, we investigate the consistency of higher-level dynamical properties such as attractor characteristics and reachability. We show that although the two approaches are based on equivalent information, the resulting qualitative dynamics are different. In particular, the dynamics of the piecewise affine differential equation model is not a simple refinement of the dynamics of the Thomas model.

Keywords: LifeWare Comparing Equipe-Projet Gene