Matter from Graphics
Matter from Graphics
Our team focuses on challenges related to shape complexity in the context of Computer Graphics and Additive Manufacturing. We consider the entire chain from modeling, visualization to interaction and part geometry processing before fabrication. In particular, we investigate how to assist engineers and designers in creating complex geometries enforcing strict fabrication, geometric and functional requirements.
Our methodologies are rooted in procedural synthesis methods that can automatically create details within parts, under user control, such as to achieve the desired functionality after the shapes are fabricated. As the models we create are highly detailed, we develop specialized algorithms to visualize them, interact with their properties, and process their geometries before fabrication. We also investigate algorithms improving fabrication time and part quality. Our research is made available through the software developed within the team, IceSL.
Our methods have applications in both Additive Manufacturing and Computer Graphics, where the need for automatic synthesis of detailed, yet structured and functional content is constantly increasing.
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Inria centre at Université de Lorraine
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Cecilia Olivier

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