Digital Security

Changed on 09/11/2020

Inria has put the construction of a digital trust society at the heart of its strategic plan.

Analyse de malware
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This means the Institute plays a significant role in a key research and innovation program for our digital sovereignty, as evidenced by strategic partnerships with key players such as the National Cybersecurity Agency of France (ANSSI).

With the prospect of quantum computing, Inria is responsible for continuing or increasing its research and innovation efforts devoted to cybersecurity to help protect French citizens.       

Calculate from encrypted data, Designing post-quantum cryptography, computing on encrypted data, end-to-end proofs for cryptographic protocols, developing security for the Internet of Things and enhanced protection for citizens’ privacy – Inria’s major research pathways in the field of cybersecurity are highly focused, with a strong potential for technological transfer

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SPARTA: a consortium for strengthening cybersecurity research, innovation and training in Europe

SPARTA is a new network of cybersecurity expertise supported by the EU's H2020 program, which aims to develop and implement high level collaborative research and innovation actions. Within Inria, eight research teams as well as the two high-security laboratories are involved in the project, notably on the subject of securing the Internet of Things.


BART, the most major academic research collective dedicated to Blockchain in France

Around thirty researchers from four institutions are combining their skills and research efforts in the field of blockchain.

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A tool to organize elections by guaranteeing the security, anonymity and verifiability of the vote.

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Malizen: visualize and track the intrusion

Understanding attacks on information systems.