Quantum Algorithms and Computing

Updated on 02/05/2024

Quantum computing will revolutionize how we compute in the coming years by dramatically increasing computing power. To support the development of quantum computers and the progress towards the several thousand entangled qubits required for this technological leap, Inria teams are already developing what are known as quantum algorithms which will make it possible to program these new types of machines.
In the post-quantum digital world, new computing capacity will allow for the statistical processing of huge amounts of data, leading to a huge increase in analysis speed for artificial intelligence. Quantum applications open up a vast array of new possibilities, such as complex simulations to help develop new materials or new molecules with unprecedented properties; drastic optimisation of infrastructures whether for road traffic, energy transport or financial predictions or ultra-high-precision measuring devices.

Resolutely committed to building technological sovereignty, Inria has put quantum at the heart of its priorities.