Quantum, AI, robotics, healthcare: digital on a European scale

Changed on 16/05/2024
Europe Day is an opportunity to highlight efforts to strengthen the EU's scientific and technological foundations. At Inria, researchers are committed to pushing back the frontiers of knowledge, leading ambitious projects, establishing collaborative networks, and making an impact on a European scale. Discover some of our European projects!
Drapeaux de l'Europe devant le siège de la Commission européeene à Bruxelles
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Proposing a theoretical framework to verify the reliability of quantum computing architectures; stimulating academic and industrial cooperation for new robotic solutions; developing and experimenting with solutions for connected, resilient, safe and sustainable mobility in European cities; developing a concerted vision and roadmap for a digital twin of the patient; restoring hand movements in tetraplegic patients and demonstrating their clinical relevance; developing more robust, interpretable and efficient machine learning models : the selection of articles in this dossier perfectly illustrates the thematic diversity and variety of European projects at the Institute, on subjects of strategic importance to Europe. Enjoy your reading!



Robotics and mobility

Manipulation robot dans le cadre du projet européen euROBIN

euROBIN: a European network for excellence robotics

EuROBIN aims to accelerate the deployment in industrial companies of robotics and AI solutions resulting from academic research.
Arbre train rail

SUM: sustainable and innovative travel in Europe

Researchers, cities and transport operators are looking into the integration and optimization of public transport and shared mobility.


Digital Health

Logo Ai-Hand

AI-Hand project kick-off: using electrodes to regain the use of your hands

The project aims to restore hand function in cases of low tetraplegia through selective neural electrical stimulation.

Virtual Twin Inria

A European ecosystem for digital twins

To be able to test new ideas in healthcare, evolve practices, personalize treatments, explore interactions between organs or drugs.



Quantum and machine learning

Veriqub Logotype

VeriQuB: a European project for ensuring the reliability of quantum systems

How can we guarantee the reliability of quantum systems? This is the challenge being addressed by an ambitious European research project called VeriQuB.

Portrait de Julien Mairal

Developing “simplicity” in machine learning

Read the interview with Julien Mairal, a computer science researcher at the Inria Centre at Grenoble Alpes University, and a new ERC prizewinner!