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AI-Hand project kick-off: using electrodes to regain the use of your hands

22–23 January 2024
Location :
Antenne Inria de l'Université de Montpellier

860 Rue de St-Priest , 34090 Montpellier

Changed on 05/02/2024
The launch of the AI-Hand project will take place on 22 and 23 January on the premises of the Inria branch of the University of Montpellier. The project, funded by the European Union as part of the HORIZON-EIC-2022-PATHFINDEROPEN-01 program, began on August 1, 2023 and will last 42 months. It aims to restore hand function in cases of low tetraplegia through selective neural electrical stimulation.
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Advanced surgery and muscle electrostimulation

AI-Hand project aims at developing a breakthrough, ASIC based technology, together with a specific self adapting epineural multi contact electrode to provide such an AIMD.

The consortium behind this project is made up of several European partners: rehabilitation centers USSAP Perpignan, Clinique Saint-Jean Orthosud (Montpellier) and REHAZENTER Luxembourg, the academic partner Universität-Freiburg, the industrial partners CORTEC (Germany) and NEURINNOV (France).

The demonstration of the clinical relevance of such an approach will be achieved through a first-in-man proof of concept aiming at the restoration of hand movements in persons with complete quadriplegia.

AI-Hand is the continuation of the 2 projects AGILIS funded by the EIT-Health (2019-20) and AGILISTIM funded by Isite MUSE, (2021-23)

Christine Azevedo-Coste

Christine Azevedo

Head of the Camin research team and scientific coordinator of the project

Antenne Inria de l'Université de Montpellier 860 Rue de St - Priest , 34000 Montpellier

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