Charter of use of the visual identity of Inria

Changed on 12/12/2019

Find the different formats of the Inria logo, in addition to the rules governing their use.

Logo: usage, formats

The red version is to be the preferred option. The blue-grey and black versions should only be used in situations where the use of colour is not possible (e.g. black and white documents, silkscreen printing, etc.).

The protected area is important : this determines the space in which nothing else should be placed (illustrations, text, graphics or other logos). This corresponds to the height of the letter “n” on the logo.

In order to ensure that the Inria logo is visible, the minimum usage size is a width of 10 mm, or 45 pixels.

Logo Inria


It is forbidden to:

  1. change the colours
  2. modify the shape
  3. eat into the protected area
  4. incline or distort the shape
  5. put the logo into a form
  6. change one single element
  7. use the logo on a background of a similar colour
  8. use the logo on a photograph
  9. use the logo in solid monochrome form

Downloads the Inria logo

Depending on use, 3 packs of logos are available (+ one full pack).

For information .png and .jpg formats are for office equipment and online, while .ai and .eps files are vector formats used for editing. The web pack also contains .svg files.


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