Artificial Intelligence

Updated on 13/04/2021

Artificial intelligence does not exist ... but the combined power of available data, algorithms (often based on learning approaches) and computing resources opens up tremendous opportunities in many areas.

Inria has therefore taken on a role of State operator to support public policies, with the aim of making France a leader in AI: Inria puts forward proposals and coordinates operators around supported initiatives, while providing scientific and technological expertise. Above all, the Institute furthers the development of French higher education, research, and innovation ecosystems for digital sciences and technology

Inria is in charge of leading the “3IA” network, the four interdisciplinary institutes for artificial intelligence chosen to structure training and research programs dedicated to AI.

It is also Inria’s mission to develop international cooperation initiatives, in particular with Germany, and to increase the economic impact of public research by founding and supporting start-ups through the Startup Studio.