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Scientific and Technical Information Service Inria-I3S

Consultation room TSI - Sophia Antipolis

Researchers, students, engineers can access to high level library on computer science, control theory and applied mathematics.


Inria's document collections are all listed in a single catalogue which can be viewed online. You can browse the electronic resources. Services for Inria researchers and engineers are brought together in the Researcher's Information Toolkit. We contribute to the dissemination of research publications through the open access repository HAL-Inria.

Documentation resources

  • Books, proceedings, journals, reports, theses
  • Electronic resources of Inria, CNRS (biblioST2I) and Nice university library
  • Bibliographics databases: MathSciNet, ZentralBlatt, ISI Web of Knowledge, ...
  • Online collection by editors: IEEE Xplore, ACM Digital Library, Springer, ...
  • E-Books : Safari, LNCS, LNCIS, MIT COGNET

Informations and services

There is a reception and information helpdesk to help you with your document searches and show you all our online resources. The library offers you variety of services: borrowing a book, getting the copy of an article, inter-library loan (PEB), ...

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