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Nicholas Ayache, new member of the French Academy of Sciences

Nicholas Ayache Inria / Photo Y. Obrenovitch

Ten new members have just been elected to the Académie des Sciences (the French Academy of Sciences) at its Plenary Assembly meeting on 18 November 2014. They include Nicholas Ayache, Inria Research Director on a position entitled “Information sciences and medicine” at the interface of the "Computational and Mechanical Sciences” and the “Human Biology and Medical Sciences” sections.

Nicholas Ayache, who holds the “Informatics and Computational Sciences” Chair at the Collège de France (2013-2014), is one of the most eminent researchers in the field of Medical mage analysis and simulation. He was awarded this year's Inria - Académie des Sciences Grand Prize. He sits on numerous scientific committees and has co-founded five startups. He has won many awards, including the Grand Prix EADS and the Microsoft Award for Science in Europe, together with a grant from the European Research Council. 

"It is an immense honor to be elected by the Académie des Sciences; apart from the recognition for my own research and that of my team and collaborators, this election also signifies recognition for a young but growing field of research as well as for an entire community of scientists working at the intersection of Informatics, Computational Sciences and Medicine" said Nicholas Ayache.

The new members will be received beneath the Institut de France's famous cupola on 16 June 2015 at 3pm.

At the beginning of 2014, the Académie des Sciences launched elections for ten interdisciplinary seats: eight at the interface of different sections and two at the intersection of applied sciences. In accordance with the Academy's statutes, five posts (50%) were reserved for "junior" candidates, that is, aged under 55 on 1 January 2014. The sections in question identified potential candidates, multidisciplinary committees proposed a selection and the final vote was held on 18 November at the Plenary Assembly meeting. Each newly elected member chooses the section of the Académie that s/he wishes to come under and a biography will be published online on the Académie des Sciences website. Members are elected for life, from the day on which the French President signs the decree approving their election.

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