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PhD Seminars Anniversary

Communication department - 1/09/2017

PhD students from Sophia Antipolis organize, exchange, communicate

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"The Ph.D. Seminar is now a big success which allows the students to meet, present their currents works and results, better know themselves, and get a wide scientific culture from applied mathematics to computer science, modeling issues to simulation techniques, software environments to biology and physics, etc.

Among the long list of their successes I emphasize the 2017 MOMI workshop.  

Joined by Dora Karvouniari, Dimitra Politaki, Milica Tomasevic, and Eleni Vatamidou they organized this meeting to help the Ph.D. students to improve their knowledge of industrial research."
Denis Talay

Testimonials from the organizing team of the PhD Seminars and the MOMI workshop for this year 2017.

Nathalie Gayraud

Nathalie Gayraud

I consider the PhD seminar an enriching experience, and sincerely hope that it persists and keeps on increasing in quality. As an attendee, while I have to admit that not each and every single seminar was related to my research field, I also have to state that I did not expect them to be. Even so, I did end up learning a lot, and most importantly, I broadened my network of contacts, which led to new collaborations and friendships.

Apart from the knowledge that I obtained from the given presentations at the PhD seminars, thanks to the expertises of Agnès Bessière (Communication Assistant at Communication and Mediation Department at Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerannée), I improved my communication and promotion skills.

Dimitra Politaki Dimitra Politaki, Neo, Inria

Dimitra Politaki

 like that the seminars are conducted in a friendly environment where the students feel free to interact with each other, get feedback from people from different scientific fields, share their problems and needs and make new collaborations and friends.

Konstantinos Mavreas Konstantinos Mavreas

Konstantinos Mavréas

The exchange of knowledge and the communication between young scientists are two things I really like in the PhD seminars.
I expand my horizons on other scientific topics. Under other conditions, I would not know about them.

Dora Karvouniari Dora Karvouniari

Dora Karvouniari

PhD seminars was organised by students for students. It was great discovering the diversity of research topics in our center. It really helped broadening our scope besides our main research theme. We realised that although we work on different fields, all PhD students experience the same problems and have common needs. These seminars were the opportunity for our community to exchange, discuss and practice our skills in a safe and friendly environment.

Milica Tomasevic

Milica Tomasevic

rganizing the PhD seminars is sometimes stressful and time consuming, but after an interesting and succssesful seminar it is always worth it. We have the opportunity to meet each other in a friendly environment, discuss our research, discover new topics, exchange ideas and share our problems. Being a part of its organization, learned me to organize better and how important team work is.

Christos Papageorgakis Cristos Papageorgakis

Christos Papageorgakis

he PhD Seminars for me is a great event for PhD students. It is organized from PhD Students for PhD Students and designed according to their needs.
Apart from the knowledge and benefits one can get just by attending the presentations, there are plenty other side benefits that are might be hidden. For me, meeting other students, sharing common problems, contributing to solutions, interacting with each other, helping each other in our scientific or everyday life make it an exceptional event. A great occasion to share thought, ideas and problems. An additional "tool" available for everyone.