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International Congress of Mathematicians

The International Congress of Mathematicians is the mathematics community's biggest event. Held every four years, it will take place in Korea under the aegis of the International Mathematical Union (IMU). A number of prestigious medals and prizes will be awarded at the event: the Fields Medal, the Chern Medal, the Nevanlinna Prize and the Gauss Prize.

  • Date : 13/08/2014 to 21/08/2014
  • Place : Séoul, Korea
  • Guest(s) : as invited speakers : Denis Talay (Tosca), Remi Abgrall (Bacchus) ..

Tosca aims to significantly contribute to discern and explore new horizons for stochastic modelling, numerical probability, and stochastic analysis.
Denis Talay , who is the scientific leader of Tosca, will present an overview of recent advances on the numerical approximation of singular stochastic dynamics and on novel issues in stochastic analysis and PDE analysis that these advances lead to.

The lecture will focus on stochastic computational models which are used to simulate complex physical or biological phenomena  and to approximate (deterministic) macroscopic physical quantities by means of probabilistic numerical methods.
By nature, these models often involve singularities and are subject to the curse of dimensionality.
Their efficient and accurate simulation is still an open question in many  aspects.

Remi Abgrall , a researcher in the team Bacchus, will be one of the guest speakers at the event.

The last Inria guests speakers in ICM :

  • Claude Le Bris (Ecole des Ponts) in 2006 at Madrid.
  • Philippe Flajolet in 2002 at Beijing
  • J-P. Quadrat in 1994 at Zurich.
  • J-L. Lions in 1958, 1970, 1974 

Keywords: ICM Mathematics Stochastic modelling Tosca Numerical probability