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POLARIS Colloquium

Lille hosts colloquium on computer science and systems research

Colloquium Polaris

The computer science and control researchers of Lille form a dynamic scientific community that has grown significantly in recent years. And this community has come together to set up a new colloquium for the Lille area, POLARIS.

Three entities are involved: the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre and two university laboratories which are members of the French National Centre for Scientific Research: the Control, Computer Engineering and Signal Laboratory (LAGIS) and the Lille Computer Science Laboratory (LIFL).

These researchers want to enrich the scientific life of their community by holding a unifying colloquium, the aim of which is to present high-quality scientific work done in the field of ICST whose scope exceeds the confines of their respective establishments.

The POLARIS colloquium welcomes first-rate speakers and guests from France and abroad, including computer scientists, mathematicians and specialists in scientific fields in which computer science plays a major role.

Visit the website for the POLARIS colloquium.

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