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Inria centre at the University of Lille

Inria centre at the University of Lille, created in 2008, is based on two sites: one on the University of Lille campus at La Haute-Borne and one in the midst of the EuraTechnologies entrepreneurial ecosystem.


The Inria centre at the University of Lille has 15 project teams. Its activities occupy over 360 people, scientists and research and innovation support staff, including 38 different nationalities.

Inria centre at the University of Lille research fields

Scientific priorities based on our research areas

Positioning & Strategic issues

Scientific priority areas:

  • Data science;
  • Software engineering;
  • Cyber-physical systems;

Strategic lines of development 

  • Long-term securing of the Inria centre at the University of Lille I-Site and active participation in the construction of the target institution, which will integrate the University of Lille, the engineering schools, Lille university hospital, the Institut Pasteur in Lille;
  • Partnership with Euratechnologies focused on upgrading the technologies promoted by the incubator's startups;
  • Operation of the regional humAIn project on artificial intelligence, in close cooperation with the Hauts-de-France regional authority.
  • Digital sciences applied to personalised medicine projects.

Scientific ecosystem & partners

Lillad Learning center cité scientifique

A reinforced partnership with the University of Lille

Several of our center's project-teams are shared with the University of Lille, in particular with two laboratories: CRIStAL and Paul Painlevé.

London city

The Inria London Programme

Launched in 2019 with University College London (UCL), the Inria London Programme is an international research partnership around machine learning and artificial intelligence. The objective of this research program is to develop efficient algorithms capable of accomplishing complex tasks at lower computational cost. This is a way to contribute to building a sustainable and responsible digital world.

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HumAIn Alliance and CornelIA CPER

The CornelIA project relies on the humAIn Alliance to structure a value chain based on data, from fundamental research to socio-economic applications. The SILECS and ROBOTEX platforms are at the heart of this initiative, aiming to establish the theoretical basis for developing ethical AI.

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Our recent collaborations with companies

Adeo, Alicante, Berger-Levrault, Caranx-Medical, Datadome, Davidson, Decathlon, Dedalus, EDF, Framatome, Horiba, Lifeware, Orange, OVH, Qarnot Computing, Saint Gobain Recherche, Seckiot, Suez, Withings, 52 Hertz.

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Our partners in innovation

EuraTechnologies, French Tech Central, Plaine Images, Eurasanté, CréInnov, CITC, EuraMaterials, Cap Digital, Clubster NSL, SATT Nord, Cité de l’IA.

Join the Inria centre at the University of Lille

Scientists, engineers and research support staff: join a stimulating professional environment.


Every year, Inria recruits interns, PhD students, postdocs, researchers and research directors, through a competitive process or on contract.

Technological development

Inria offers a unique environment for many talented people in the field of technology and software development. The research engineer's job is the essential player in supporting and guaranteeing the knowledge production quality and the research teams value.

Research support

Inria calls on talent in more than forty research support professions in order to achieve its ambitions, from human resources to administrative assistance and financial management, not forgetting communication.

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Working at Inria, a commitment to the future

You wish to become a researcher, an engineer, to accompany the research within the institute? Or simply do an internship?

Interface, an innovative digital demonstration space in Lille!

Interface, an innovative digital showroom in Lille!

Would you like to visit Interface? It's situated in the Inria building at EuraTechnologies. Visits require an appointment and can be booked by contacting

stephane huot
Benoit Fourrier

Stéphane Huot

Director of the Inria centre at the University of Lille

Practicals informations & Contacts

Centre Inria Lille

Address Haute-Borne

Parc scientifique de la Haute-Borne
40, avenue Halley - Bât A - Park Plaza
59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq – France

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Bâtiment Place Inria
172 avenue de Bretagne
59 000 Lille – France



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