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Changed on 25/04/2022

If the idea of being a PhD researcher in digital science excites you, here are 5 essential reasons to do a PhD at Inria and join our community of 1 490 PhD researchers.

5 reasons to join the Inria Talents PhD community

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  • A PhD in computer science is a valuable diploma… 
  • … and an undeniable asset for your career;
  • Curious, ambitious, talented; your profile is unique, so are we!
  • Entrepreneurship at the heart of our DNA;
  • An extraordinary human experience in a privileged living environment.

I want to do a PhD, how do I do it?

  • The choice of the PhD subject is the first step of the doctoral project
  • To find out the Inria fields of research and which team you would like to join: Fields and teams
  • Consult the PhD offers:
  • If you want to join an Inria project-team that does not have PhD offers online, do not hesitate to contact the head of the team to discuss your motivations
  • Before applying, take the time to talk to the PhD director. This discussion phase is fundamental to ensure, on both sides, that there is good osmosis (scientific and human) before engaging.
  • If you have any question on the PhD program at Inria, contact the scientists from the "Young researchers program"

Documents to provide

The candidates are required to provide the following documents:

► CV;

► Cover/motivation letter describing the interest in the topic and the Master thesis work;

► Degree certificates and transcripts of the recent years;

► At least one letter of recommendation from the person who supervises(d) the Master thesis (or equivalent) to be sent directly by his/her author to the prospective PhD advisor. Ideally, another letter from the head of the Master stating the rank in the Master's program;

► Web links (in the CV) to the publications or Master thesis (if completed), or otherwise the pdf files.

Join us!

Take a look to our PhD positions


A team of scientists is available to answer your questions about training through research, doctoral or post-doctoral studies:

Sylvain Lazard – Co-ordinator "Mission for Young Researchers". +33 3 83 59 20 70  - E-mail

  • Bordeaux: Clair Poignard  +33 5 40 00 21 27 - E-Mail
  • Grenoble: Pascal Fradet +33 4 76 61 52 46 - E-mail
  • Nancy: Sylvain Lazard +33 3 83 59 20 70 - E-Mail
  • Paris: Jean-Pierre Tillich +33 1 80 49 42 22 - E-Mail
  • Rennes: Loïc Hélouët +33 2 99 84 75 90 - E-Mail
  • Saclay: Guillaume Melquiond +33 1 69 15 70 98 - E-Mail
  • Sophia Antipolis: David Coudert +33 4 92 38 71 88 - E-Mail

HR - Excellence in Research

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In May 2019, the European Union awarded Inria the "HR Excellence in Research" label, underlining the relevance of its strategy and the associated HRS4R action plan.