Startups born from the Inria center at the University of Lille

Changed on 06/09/2023

Industry and agriculture


DiagRAMS Technologies

A result of the Modal project team, DiagRAMS Technologies is a predictive maintenance solution designed to anticipate failures and optimise the availability of industrial equipment.

légumes locaux

Le Chemin des Mûres

The Chemin des Mûres is an intelligent co-transport solution for local products, based on the optimisation expertise developed within the Inocs team. It offers local producers an efficient solution for transporting their goods.

Supply chain and cloud services

Logo Vekia 2018


Vekia develops a supply chain solution for inventory management. It employs around fifty people, works with around twenty major distribution groups and in 2017 raised twelve million euros to expand.



XScalibur is a software editor resulting from the work of the Spirals project team. It develops an interface for managing the resources and services of different cloud providers.

Software architecture

Two persons between a screan


Codaxis offers, via a technology transfer, new analysis and mapping software solutions to banks and insurers.

logo Axellience


An architecture platform for developers, Axellience was the first software publisher to create an online collaborative modeling platform.

Medical simulation and training using haptics

Simulation d'une opération


InSimo is a software editor for medical simulation, born from research work on force feedback and 3D simulation.

Femme dispositif haptique

Go Touch VR

Based on research in haptics, Go Touch VR offers a solution for touching and manipulating virtual objects.


Haut Parleur Rond Gris Sur Tableau Marron


Nijta offers services in the field of privacy technologies, in particular through a voice anonymisation solution, which builds on the work of the Magnet and Multispeech teams.

Digital education

Enfant qui travaille devant un ordinateur

Mathflow AI

Mathflow AI is an online learning platform with an intelligent teaching assistant. It is dedicated to the learning of mathematics and is intended for students from the 6th to the 12th grade.

Startup Studio

Inria Startup Studio

Inria's deeptech entrepreneurship support programme.