Stéphane Cotin is awarded the Inria – French Académie des Sciences – Dassault Systèmes Innovation Award

Publish on 15/01/2020
Stéphane Cotin, as Senior Researcher with his MIMESIS project team, leads a high-level international research activity on digital medical simulation in the fields of surgical gesture training but also intraoperative assistance via augmented reality techniques.

In February 2013, he and several fellow researchers, InSimo, created a start-up using SOFA, an open source interactive simulation software framework that he initiated. InSimo is a creator of surgical simulation applications on virtual organs with high fidelity behavior. These biomedical and interactive models of organs simulated in virtual reality, allow for tactile feedback an are used to teach surgical movements and pre-operative planning. 

In addition to his entrepreneurial activities, Stéphane Cotin is particularly involved in clinical innovation. Currently the MIMESIS team, via the software SOFA and its collaborations with various clinical partners, contributes to bringing forward projects from research teams in France and abroad. It aims to meet expectations from industries and healthcare professionals in the area of innovation.

S. Cotin
© Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Congratulations to Stéphane Cotin, who received on December 18th at the Collège de France the Inria Innovation Award - Academy of Sciences - Dassault Systèmes 2018.