Postdoctoral researchers

Changed on 24/10/2023

As part of a research team, the postdoctoral fellow benefits from the close relationships between Inria and partner international and industrial institutions while deepening his or her knowledge.

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At Inria, you can

  • Put your scientific passion into practice by conducting your research in one of our project teams;
  • Develop software with a high technology content and be involved in its dissemination;
  • Get your technology startup project off the ground and take advantage of a personalised support scheme;
  • Contribute to the vitality of the collective in a committed and responsible institute, attentive to its employees, to the challenges of society and which favours meaning;
  • Benefit from a friendly, stimulating work environment and top quality working and material conditions;
  • And above all: take risks!

How to apply?

  • Take the time to find the research team in which you would like to work;
  • If you want to join a team that does not have online post-doctoral positions, do not hesitate to contact the scientific manager to discuss your motivations;
  • Before applying, take the time to talk to the person in charge of the research team;
  • If you have any questions about the post-doctoral career, contact the scientists of the "young researchers mission".

Documents to provide

The candidates are required to provide the following documents:

► CV;

► Description of the research activities (1-2 pages max) including a short description of the best (theoretical or practical) contribution(s). Web links to the contributions should be provided;

► Cover letter including a brief scientific positioning on the proposed subject and a very brief description of the scientific career projects;

► The reports from the PhD defense, if applicable. If the PhD has not yet been defended, a letter from the PhD supervisor indicating the list of expected members of the PhD committee (if known) and the expected date of defense;

► At least one letter of recommendation from the PhD advisor should be sent directly by their author(s) to the prospective postdoc advisor. The application can be completed with other letters of recommendation from scientific personalities.

Take a look to our postdoctoral research fellowships


A team of scientists is available to answer your questions:

Sylvain Lazard – Coordinator « Young researchers mission » +33 3 83 59 20 70  - E-mail

  • Bordeaux: Martin Hachet  +33 5 24 57 40 96 - E-Mail
  • Grenoble: Pascal Fradet +33 4 76 61 52 46 - E-mail
  • Lille: Hélène Le Cadre +33 3 59 35 86 45  - E-mail
  • Lyon: Malcom Egan +33 6 62 85 59 63 - E-Mail
  • Nancy: Sylvain Lazard +33 3 83 59 20 70 - E-Mail
  • Paris: Jean-Pierre Tillich +33 1 80 49 42 22 - E-Mail
  • Rennes: Loïc Hélouët +33 2 99 84 75 90 - E-Mail
  • Saclay: Guillaume Melquiond +33 1 69 15 70 98 - E-Mail
  • Sophia Antipolis: Laurent Busé +33 4 92 38 76 51 - E-Mail



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