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Discover Lille by Inria , the magazine of Inria Lille - Nord Europe research center. Discover the activities of our research center in digital sciences and its involvement in the Hauts-de-France region.

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Number 9 (june 2019)
Interface, a place for interaction between Research and Business

Inria is acquiring a new technology transfer tool.  At the heart of Lille French Tech, within the EuraTechnologies, discover Interface ecosystem, the result of a joint project between the Inria Lille - Nord Europe centre and its academic and industrial partners, it presents the latest research work carried out by scientists in the digital sciences.

Number #8 (December 2018)
10 years of research and technology transfert

The Inria center in Lille celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2018! A look back at the remarkable research and collaborations that have been conducted by our scientists over the last decade.

Number #7 (June 2018)

Inria Strategic plan, the main lines of research at Lille
The 7th issue of the magazine Lille by Inria came out. Produced and presented every five years, the Inria Scientific strategic plan reveals the impending main lines of research and the scientific ambitions of the institute over the coming years. In this issue, Inria Lille - Nord Europe center presents its strategic position regarding the institute scientific strategic plan.

Number #6 (December 2017)

Forum Numérique 2067 : what future for digital sciences in our society?
In 2017, Inria is 50 years old. On the occasion, Inria Lille - Nord Europe center has organized an event called "Forum Numérique 2067". An event where people were able to imagine the place of digital science in the society of 2067 !

Number #5 (June 2017)

Health in the age of digital technology
The digital sciences are heavily involved in advances in expertise in the field of health, for example in data analysis, imaging, digital modelling, etc. Discover the work carried out in our centre in order to advance scientific research in the field of health.

Number #4 (December 2016)

Digital science education: let's share the digital sciences
This issue of "Lille by Inria" states our involvement and key actions in digital science education. Each year, our centre works with various publics, both in schools and industry, in order to provide our expertise on the digital issues present in our society.

Number #3 (June 2016)

Data: raw material and a source of challenges for digital technology
The collection, processing and visualisation of data are research topics that constitute the expertise of several of our internationally-renowned project teams. This data expertise enables us to put in place collaborations that address a strong need for technology transfer.

Number #2 (December 2015)

Research, a vital topic in Europe
This second issue of our magazine gives you access to the European aspect of our institute. Since its creation, the Inria Lille - Nord Europe centre has been part of an international and European dynamic whose aim is to contribute to the scientific excellence of European research and innovation programmes.

Number #1 (June 2015)

Scientific excellence for technology transfer and society
In this first issue there is a section focusing on innovation and technology transfer - a strategic development area for our institute. Get right to the heart of our activities in order to better understand digital technology issues in our country, through rich and varied subjects that captivate our researchers on a daily basis.

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