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SED: Engineers Invigorating Research

In Lille, six engineers from the Experimentation and Development Department (SED) provide daily support for the work of the research teams of Inria Lille – Nord Europe. They serve as facilitators for technology transfer and training at the centre.

Resourceful engineers

According to the department head, Guillaume Ollivier, curiosity, humility and an open mind are the qualities that his team applies as it carries out its assignments. The engineers devote most of their time to their assigned research teams. They are responsible for initial work for the teams and providing researchers with experimental platforms. They may also assist doctoral students in the early stages of a thesis by providing methods or initial tools. In coordination with human resources, the team is also responsible for a programme to train the centre's staff in the use of specific software, for example. Finally, they contribute to sustain networks in the research ecosystem in their field and the region. This is the case of Guillaume Ollivier, who is also a member of the steering committee of a career network, MIn2RIEN.

Interdisciplinary assignments

Using an interdisciplinary approach and versatility, SED engineers must remain objective about the work of researchers and determine aspects that may interest other teams. They are at the crossroads of research and technology transfer. Two of the engineers have also participated in the creation of startups.

A Multifunctional Team

The members of SED Inria Lille all received broad training in engineering school or as part of a university curriculum. With the support of a departmental assistant, the engineers of SED.


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