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PhD student of NON-A team Gabriele Perozzi won the Best Student Paper Award of the conference EUCASS 2017

Gabriele Perozzi is doing his thesis both at Onera and Inria Non-A project-team*. One of his publication has been rewarded with a “Best student paper” during the European conference for aeronautics and space sciences.

Best Student Paper Award of EUCASS 2017

Gabriele Perozzi is doing his thesis both at Onera, under the supervision of J.-M. Biannic (Onera, Toulouse) and L. Planckaert (Onera, Lille), and Non-A research team of Inria Lille center, under the supervision of Denis Efimov. His thesis is about the control and the navigation of a miniUAV quad rotor inside of a wind field and about the estimation of the wind.

He received the Best student paper of EUCASS 2017 for his article « Wind rejection via quasi-continuous sliding mode technique to control safely a mini drone ».

The number of papers received reached a total of about 700, of which 550 were presented either orally or in poster format. There were 34 countries represented. The five finalist have been revealed during the Gala evening on Wednesday 5th July at the Science Museum

EUCASS Conference

EUCASS is the main continental scientific event for aeronautics and space, second only to the AIAA Scitech in the USA. The Eucass association was created by a group of european scientists in order to provide, on the old continent, a high quality forum for the aerospace scientific community. Eucass is member of Ecaero group, supported by the European commission, with Eccomas, Euromech, Ercoftac, Euroturbo and Ceas. This issue is the seventh, after Moscow, Brussels, Versailles, Saint Petersburg, Munich and Krakow. It will, again, attract the very best players from EU and Russia plus the rest of Europe, Asia and the Americas, for a total anticipated attendance in excess of 700, scientists, engineers and exhibitors alike.

EUCASS is the natural high-level forum for all aeronautics and space research players. It showcases promising fundamental breakthroughs, enabling sciences and technologies. The main objectives are to:

  1. review the state of the art in Aeronautics and Space Sciences, focusing on promising innovations;
  2. promote industrial understanding of recent scientific breakthroughs and develop synergies between Aeronautics and Space, Academia and Industry;
  3. give Agencies and Industry the opportunity to present their programs, particularly EU’s Framework programmes.

The conference will highlight advances in aeronautics and space sciences in five parallel symposia dealing with aspects of:

  • System Integration
  • Flight Physics
  • Flight Dynamics/ GNC and Avionics
  • Structures and Materials
  • Propulsion Physics.

*Non-A project-team is associated with Centrale Lille, CNRS and Université de Lille − sciences et technologies, withing the UMR 9189 CNRS-Centrale Lille-Université de Lille − sciences et technologies, CRIStAL.

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