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Laurence Duchien, elected to the Executive Committee of Technical Council on Software Engineering of the IEEE

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Laurence Duchien, member of Spirals project-team* of Inria Lille – Nord Europe research center, has been elected for 2 ans to the Executive Committee of the Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE) of the IEEE. This mayor authority is internationally in the community of software engineering.

IEEE Computer Society Technical Council on Software Engineering (IEEE CS TCSE)

The IEEE Computer Society is the world’s largest professional organization devoted to computer science and the TCSE is the voice of software engineering within the IEEE and the Computer Society.  As such, it is the duty of the TCSE to advance awareness of software engineering, and to support conferences, workshops, education, training, and other professional activities that contribute to the growth and enrichment of software engineering academics and professional.

The IEEE Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE) encourages the application of engineering methods and principles to the development of computer software, and works to increase professional knowledge of techniques, tools, and empirical data to improve software quality. TCSE is involved in the myriad ways that software is designed, developed, maintained, and evolved. TCSE has two overriding aims: (1) to contribute to our members’ professional expertise, and (2) to help advance software engineering research and practice.


Laurence Duchien is full professor at University of Lille, France, since 2001, member of the IEEA Faculty and of the Computer Science Department. She is a researcher in the Inria Spirals project-team. Between January 2007 and December 2012, she was the scientific leader of the ADAM research group (, a joint project-team between Inria and the University of Lille, with the LIFL CNRS laboratory. Her research interests include development and execution techniques for component-based and service-oriented distributed applications in ambient computing and variability studies in large-scale and mobile applications. She also works on adaptation at different steps of software life cycle. She advised or co-advised 24 PhD (22 completed and 2 in progress). She was reviewer of more than 71 PhD and 14 HDR. She was involved in many national and European contracts (EU, ANR, FUI, and private companies).

* Associated with University of Lille - sciences and technology, within the UMR 9189 CNRS-Centrale Lille-University of Lille - science and technology, CRIStAL.

Keywords: Spirals project-team IEEE CS TCSE Appointment