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Colinocs Inria Innovation Lab between Colisweb and the Inocs team

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The Inocs research team and the start-up Colisweb have just launched anInria Innovation Lab namedColinocs.The Inria Lille - Nord Europe centre is working closely together with innovative SMEs, through bilateral contracts and/or research framework contracts, called Inria Innovation Lab, by focusing on the R&D issue of an SME. 

Inria Innovation Labs

Started in 2010, Inria Innovation Lab (formerly I-Lab) is a system that encourages technology transfer towards SMEs. The idea is to bring together an Inria project team and a partner SME within a joint laboratory. The two entities define a common work programme lasting two to three years. Ultimately, the innovation capacity of these SMEs should, as a result, be reinforced, with an increase in R&D recruitments and technology transfers towards the commercial sector.

Colinocs: a collaboration over the long term

The Colisweb start-up

The Colisweb start-up, created in 2013 and based at EuraTechnologies, offers a same-day delivery service in under two hours or by appointment at the best price. It is developing an innovative last-mile delivery service management software platform in order to best meet increasing demand from the French retail market. In this respect, it is necessary to automate the assignment of the couriers to the delivery flows by taking into account the couriers' preferences and the choice of the consumer, and the uncertainties of urban traffic circulation. The mathematical models and algorithms implemented in the platform reinforce the advantage of Colisweb's economic model and enable them to propose a dynamic delivery service pricing system.

The Inocs research team

The Inocs research team from the Inria Lille centre (jointly with the École Centrale de Lille and the Université Libre de Bruxelles*) models and develops suitable optimisation algorithms for complex structure problems. Inocs considers that an optimisation problem presents a complex structure when two types of decision are addressed jointly in an interdependent way. This is the case, for example, at Colisweb, where tactical decisions (activity slots over the coming day) and operational decisions (number of deliveries carried out in which zone, every hour) are present.

A collaboration that is running smoothly!

The collaboration between Colinocs and Inria began in 2015. The initial project aims to propose an innovative and effective method for the automatic assignment of couriers to deliveries in order to minimise costs whilst also taking the uncertainty of the request into account. The suitability of the solutions provided by the Inocs team has enabled the integration and implementation of the tactical planning method for transporter fleet activities.  The success of this collaboration and the regular exchanges between the start-up and the team are naturally driving the collaboration to continue as part of an Inria Innovation Lab. The aim of this Inria Innovation Lab is to develop income management modules. It will focus on improving the transporters' management solution as well as on the development of income management modules, in particular pricing systems.

* at UMR 9189, CNRS-Centrale Lille-University of Lille - Science and Technology, CRIStAL.

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