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An Inria researcher takes part in the first complete book translation using AI

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Translation of a book by an IA

Deep Learning by Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio and Aaron Courville, a reference work on the subject, has just been translated into French. What makes it unique? The translation was completed entirely using artificial intelligence tools. Among the book's co-translators is Benjamin Guedj, a researcher in the Modal team at the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research center:

“Translating the reference book on deep learning, using deep learning, is a great exercise in mise en abîme! Rereading by an expert was still, of course, vital in order to harmonize, proofread and perfect the translation. We estimate that we reduced the time needed to translate the book by 80% overall. This translation will make it possible to reach a larger audience and contribute to introducing the concept of deep learning into French university libraries in the long term.”

Already available to pre-order, the book will be released officially on October 18, and will be presented at the next DataJob trade fair in Paris on November 22, 2018.

Keywords: Book Deep learning AI Artificial intelligence