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Max Dauchet : Leslie Valiant and the 2010 Turing Award

Portrait Max Dauchet © Inria / Photo J. Wallace  © Inria / Photo J. Wallace

A secondary and higher-education qualified teaching professional in mathematics, with a PhD in both computer science and mathematics, Max Dauchet is a professor emeritus at the Université de Lille 1. In 1982 he founded and managed for 9 years the Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille. He directed the INRIA Lille - Nord Europe research centre from its creation through May 2011. He is a specialist mainly in tree automata.

  • Date : 15/12/2011

The Turing Award is widely considered the Nobel Prize in computing and computational sciences. The 46 Turing Awards already granted are a reflection of our science today. The most recent winner is Leslie Valiant, rewarded mainly for introducing the concept of PAC (Probably Approximately Correct) learning, considered by some as being equivalent to a learning device for the Turing computability machine. Our presentation will consist of a commented representation of the conference given on 4 June 2011 by Leslie Valiant after receiving his award. This conference, entitled “The Extent and the Limitations of Mechanistic Explanations of Nature” presents the Darwinian process of evolution by mutation and selection as a learning process.

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