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Colloquium Polaris

Tova Milo

Tova Milo is a full Professor of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University and, as of 2012, the head of the Computer Science department. Milo is the head of the data management group in Tel Aviv University, and her research focuses on Web data management. She received her PhD from the Hebrew University in 1992 under the supervision of Catriel Beeri, and was a postdoctoral fellow at theUniversity of Toronto and Inria, prior to joining Tel Aviv University.

  • Date : 14/02/2013

Many popular sites, such as Wikipedia and Tripadvisor, rely on public participation to gather information---a process known as crowd data sourcing. While this kind of collective intelligence is extremely valuable, it is also fallible, and policing such sites for inaccuracies or missing material is a costly undertaking. In this talk we will examine how database technology can be put to work to effectively gather information from the public, efficiently moderate the process, and identify questionable input with minimal human interaction. We will consider the logical, algorithmic, and methodological
 foundations for the management of large scale crowd-sourced data as well as the development of applications over such information.

Tova Milo's fields of Interest

  • Databases
  • Web data management
  • Data integration
  • XML and semi-structured data
  • Web services and Web applications
  • Business Processes
  • Database languages and data models


Keywords: Tova Milo Colloquium Polaris Centre de recherche Inria Lille - Nord Europe Databases Web-based data management XML Data-centric Bussiness Processes Crowd-based Data Sourcing