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Martine Courbin-Coulaud, Manager of the Scientific and Technical Information Department

Martine Courbin-Coulaud

 Access to information is diversifying, search tools are growing in number and an increasing amount of information and documents can be found on the Internet. Nevertheless, archivists still have their place as a "facilitator" of access to resources and dissemination.

Researchers also need archivists on the Internet

The scientific and technical information services offered by Martine Courbin-Coulaud evolve in step with technology. Documentation at Inria involves a network of professionals working to offer tools and services to the members of the scientific teams and external audiences. This gives users access to a collection of high-quality physical documents in the field of computer science and applied mathematics, electronic resources, and information access and dissemination platforms, notably via HAL (Hyper Article Online).

Taking on the multiple roles of trainer, project initiator, mediator and coordinator in order to understand users' needs, Martine Courbin-Coulaud sees her job as a key part of the research support process.