Centre Inria de l'université de Bordeaux
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Inria centre
at the University of Bordeaux

Inria has been present in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region for 20 years and today employs more than 260 people who collaborate through joint project teams with 180 people employed by our academic and industrial partners. The Inria centre at the University of Bordeaux groups most of these people around eighteen project-teams in partnership with the university, Bordeaux INP, ENSTA Paris, CNRS, Inserm, INRAE and Naval Group. Inria also has two project-teams in Pau, in partnership with the University of Pau and the Pays de l'Adour, the CNRS and TotalEnergies.


The centre had 20 project teams, 18 of which were based in Talence and two in Pau. Its activities occupy over 300 people, scientists and research and innovation support staff, including 31 different nationalities.

Positioning & Strategic issues

Scientific priority areas:

  • Convergence of high performance computing and Big Data;
  • Machine learning, developed in conjunction with neuroscience and cognitive science;
  • Digital health, and more specifically the contribution of digital technology to personalised medicine.

Strategic lines of development 

  • Become a major player in innovation in digital technology, with the aim of boosting the economic development of the region;
  • Create a regional impact across Nouvelle-Aquitaine, planned to tie in with the priorities of the regional authorities and actors in higher education, research and innovation, in particular on the theme of artificial intelligence;
  • The contribution of digital technology to sustainable development and eco-responsibility.

Ecosystem & Partners

Academic partners

University of Bordeaux, University of Pau and Pays de l’Adour, CNRS, Bordeaux INP, ENSTA ParisTech, Inserm, INRAE

Socio-economic partners

Région Nouvelle Aquitaine, CHU de Bordeaux, Institut Bergonié, Vaccine Research Institute
Pôles Aerospace Valley et Alpha-RLH
Digital Aquitaine, Aquitaine Robotics, EdTech, GIS Albatros
CATIE, Aquitaine Science Transfert, Bordeaux Unitec, Bordeaux Technowest
French Tech Bordeaux
Cap Sciences
CEA CESTA, Total, Airbus, EDF, Ubisoft, Immersion, Ertus Group, Interaction Healthcare, Valeol, I2S, AIO...


Startups to which the Inria centre at the university of Bordeaux has contributed people, technologies or support: Siderion Technologies, Rhoban Systems, IQSpot, Matchable, Pollen Robotics, RealityTech, Ullo, (Nenuphar), UT4H, Nurea, Atoptima, TouchSensity

Travail collaboratif sur le mur d'images
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Working at Inria

You wish to become a researcher, an engineer, to accompany the research within the institute? Or simply do an internship?

Nicolas Roussel
© Inria / Photo C. Morel

Nicolas Roussel

Director of the Inria centre at the University of Bordeaux

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Centre Inria Bordeaux

Inria centre at the university of Bordeaux  

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