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Lola Kovacic - 13/03/2014

A MathC2+ training course in Bordeaux: secondary school students at the heart of research

For the first time in the Bordeaux regional education authority area, the local education authority, Inria Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest, the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) and the University of Bordeaux are organising a MathC2+ training course*. Intended for year 11 pupils, the course, entitledWhen mathematics and computing come together in digital sciencesis part of the MathC2+ government scheme, aimed at encouraging talented young scientists and promoting careers in the field of science.

The course will take place from Monday 14 to Thursday 17 April on the University of Bordeaux campus (Talence-Pessac-Gradignan site). The 34 girls and boys selected come from schools across the five departments of the regional education authority area. The course will enable them to rediscover mathematics and digital sciences by immersing themselves at the heart of research and through contact with the numerous participants: researchers, students, engineers, scientific mediators...

All kinds of activities

They will have the opportunity to attend conferences, participate in workshops (on, for example, network analysis, file compression and mathematical modelling), and visit Cap Sciences (a centre for scientific, technical and industrial culture) and the Enseirb-Matmeca engineering school at Bordeaux's Institut Polytechnique. The course will also provide them with the opportunity to work on a project in small groups in order to see the research process at first hand.

About the MathC2+ initiative 

The MathC2+ initiative was implemented by the Ministry of National Education in partnership with the Fondation Sciences Mathématiques (Paris Mathematical Sciences Foundation) and the Animath association. Certification is issued by a scientific committee chaired by Cédric Villani, 2010 Fields Medal winner. It allows training courses in mathematics to be offered throughout France to students from year 9 to year 12. These courses bring the worlds of education and research closer together. However their main aim is to encourage young talent and provide them with career opportunities in the sciences.

*With the participation of LaBRI (Bordeaux Laboratory for Computer Science Research), the IMB (Bordeaux Mathematics Institute), Cap Sciences and Enseirb-Matmeca (IPB). 

Keywords: Scientific mediation Inria Bordeaux - Sud-Ouest