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An essential mission

G. Paget - 21/09/2010

Training through research

With the progress of scientific knowledge and technology transfers, the training of young researchers is one of the essential tasks of the institute.

Collaboration of Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique with the doctoral school and participation in the Masters programme at Université de Rennes 1
  • Matisse doctoral school
      The centre works with the Matisse doctoral school. The Matisse doctoral school brings together PhD students enrolled for thesis completion at Université de Rennes 1, INSA de Rennes, ENS Cachan (Brittany branch), Supélec Rennes and ENST Bretagne in mathematics and applications of mathematics, computer science, automatics, robotics, signal and image processing, electronics and micro-electronics, opto-electronics and microwaves.
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  • Masters in computer science
     Opportunities in the various computer science professions
     A consistent mix of specialised, professional training
     A selection of options which are regularly updated, reflecting developments in computer science itself...
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  • Masters in electronics and telecommunications
    The Masters in electronics and telecommunications at Université de Rennes 1 offers four specialties accessible after a first year of core curriculum and orientation. The second year offers four specialties: design and technologies of systems; home automation/building automation and interior networks; signals, imaging, embedded systems and automatics; telecommunication systems.
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  • Masters in information mathematics and cryptography
    This Master's programme aims to train mathematical engineers in the field of information theory and digital security.
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