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Labex & IRT: our involvement

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Following the call for projects "Investissements d'avenir" in 2011, Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique research centre is now actively involved in two laboratories of excellence, CominLabs and Henri Lebesgue, and in the Institute technological research b<>com.

CominLabs, "COMmunication and INFormation sciences Laboratories"

CominLabs is a "laboratoire d'excellence" whose management is ensured by Patrick Bouthemy, researcher at Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique. It brings together 1100 researchers including more than 500 permanent, localized in Brittany and Pays de Loire. CominLabs proposes to enhance the international visibility of the field of Science and Technology of Information and Communication (ICT) on the two regions.
Since its creation in 2011, it has launched 17 research projects on a wide variety of themes such as STIC - health, software security, smart devices, energy saving, MOOC, social networks, etc. Other actions have been put in place including, in 2012, creating the collaborative platform, CominWeb, then in 2013, the development of that for MOOC, COCo.
All these actions have been successful and together with a visible community effect of increasing the attractiveness and strong radiation.

Henri Lebesgue

The Mathematics Centre Henri Lebesgue has won the second round of the call for projects "Laboratoire d'excellence" in 2012. He proposed founding a center for research and education in mathematics for Brittany and Pays de Loire with strong interdisciplinary links.
The combination of mathematical skills in Rennes and Nantes enables rapid progress on the existing major scientific problems in the field of analysis, probability and statistics. It aims to explore their interactions with issues related to complex systems encountered in the socio-economic applications in the fields of health, digital, materials. This laboratory of excellence received an allocation of € 7 million.
Inria Rennes Bretagne-Atlantique, the Bretagne Loire University, the Mathematics Research Institute of the University of Rennes 1, the Laboratory of Mathematics Department of Mathematics Jean Leray, and ENS Rennes are partners of the center Henri Lebesgue.

IRT b<>com

b<>com was created in 2010 with the competitiveness cluster Images et Réseaux and certified by the Government in 2012. b<>com is a supplier of technologies for companies that want to digitally accelerate their competitiveness and serves the cultural and creative industries, digital infrastructures, defense, industry 4.0, and health. Its laboratories combine talents from different cultures and disciplines in the fields of advanced media content, cybersecurity, 5G networks, the IoT, artificial intelligence, immersive technology, medical, human factors, and more.
Inria research centre is a founding member of the IRT b<>com, and thus contribute to strengthening the visibility of research excellence in ICT on the Rennes site, and in Brittany and Loire Atlantique regions.

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