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Ecole d'hiver en bio-informatique

Ecole d'hiver : Algorithms in Structural Bio-Informatics

Modeling protein complexes and assembies with Voronoï diagrams

The goal of this winter school is to present state-of-the-art concepts, algorithms and software tools meant to analyze and predict macro-molecular assemblies, with a focus on methodological developments and the corresponding software.

  • Date : 2/12/2012 au 7/12/2012
  • Lieu : Inria Sophia Antipolis
  • Organisateur(s) : Inria

It aims at gathering 20 students from all over Europe during 5,5 days, at the master and phd level, and is organized as follows:

  • During the first afternoon, the students will introduce their research interests. Pairs of students will be formed, for the so-called projects to be undertaken during the practicals.
  • Each of the remaining five days will consist of a lecture (morning session), followed by a computer practical (afternoon). The practical will consist of applying concepts and tools learned during the lecture to macro-molecular structures related to the project.

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