Machine Learning in Information Networks
Machine Learning in Information Networks

A primary objective of Magnet is in making artificial intelligence more acceptable to society by solving some ethical issues of Machine Learning (ML) and on empowering end users of artificial intelligence. From a scientific perspective we focus on privacy, fairness, (data) sobriety. Our approaches are typically based on the common theme of leveraging the relationships between data and between learning objectives. We study graph-based machine learning methods which are the common foundations of the research group and we rely on methods coming from statistical and computational learning theory, graph theory, representation learning, (distributed) optimization and statistics.

We are mainly interested in provable properties for machine learning algorithms but we also consider more empirical work. Our application domains cover health, mobility, social sciences, voice technologies.

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Centre Inria de l'Université de Lille
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CNRS,Université de Lille


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Aurore Dalle

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