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Inria Saclay Centre

The Inria Saclay Centre was established in 2008. It has developed as part of the Saclay site in partnership with Paris-Saclay University and with the Institut Polytechnique de Paris.


The centre has 29 project teams, 23 of which operate jointly with Paris-Saclay University (11 teams) and the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (12 teams). Its activities occupy over 600 people, scientists and research and innovation support staff, including 44 different nationalities.

J-Y. Berthou
© Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Jean-Yves Berthou

Director of the Inria Saclay Centre

Positioning & Strategic issues

Scientific priority areas:

  • Digital health;
  • Artificial intelligence and data science;
  • Cybersecurity, privacy, proof and verification;
  • Quantum computer science.

Strategic lines of development:

  • Support for DATAIA Institute to make it a global player in the data science and AI world;
  • Support for the emergence of DeepTech startup projects;
  • Reinforcement of the European ambition and in particular the centre's involvement in the coordination of European projects.

Ecosystem & Partners

The Inria Saclay Centre is a founding member of Paris-Saclay University and a member of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris.

The centre’s project-teams are shared with the following academic partners: CentraleSupélec, École polytechnique, ENS Paris-Saclay, ENSTA Paris, Paris-Saclay University and University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, CEA, CNRS.

The centre also has many other partnerships:   

  • Actors in public research: CNES, IFPEN, INRA, Inserm, Onera... ;   
  • Innovation ecosystem: SystemX, Systematic, NanoInnov, DigiHall, DigiCosme ;   
  • Local authorities: Essonne Departmental Council, Paris-Saclay Agglomeration Community, Ile-de-France Region;   
  • Companies:
    • SME-ETI: AdaCore, Distène, DataIku, Sysnav, Lemma, Tinyclues... ;
    • Major companies: Airbus, Boeing, Dassault Systèmes, EDF, Fujitsu, Google, Microsoft, Orange, PSA, Renault, Safran, Thales, Sony, Total... ;   
  • International academic partners: Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Newcastle University, Keio University, CWI...
Carrières et Métiers
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CRI Saclay


Inria Saclay Centre

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