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Changed on 22/03/2022

To achieve its ambitions, Inria employs talents in over forty different support roles. Inria's impact comes down, more than anything, to the support it gives its employees in their careers. The 900 support service staff who work alongside the research and innovation teams are the Institute's pride and joy. They are an essential part of Inria's organisation, stakeholders in the dynamics of the Institute, recognised for their professionalism and commitment by all the staff. They are Inria's backbone.


  • What is an Inria research team assistant? (Video in French)

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Inria offers a wide range of jobs in research and innovation support activities:

  • Jobs connected to the site buildings, logistics and accident prevention
  • Jobs in communication and knowledge production and dissemination
  • Steering and management jobs

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At Inria, you can

  • Play an essential role in supporting and guaranteeing the quality of the production of knowledge and values in the field of digital science and technology
  • Participate in the ambitious mission of a public institute working for the digital sovereignty of France and Europe, where the emphasis is on people
  • Enrich your professional experience at the interface between research and digital innovation
  • Contribute to the collective vitality of a committed, responsible institute which is attentive to its staff as well as to the key issues in society. For years, Inria has been committed to education in digital culture, environmental impacts, quality of life at work, disability, ethics, parity, diversity and equal opportunities: Inria gives meaning;
  • Share your skills and develop your expertise thanks to numerous schemes
  • Benefit from a friendly, stimulating work environment and top quality working and material conditions;
  • Discover new intellectual approaches, develop your team spirit, take risks and innovate.
Researchers, engineers and support staff with disabilities, join us!