Internal competitive recruitment procedure

Changed on 03/10/2022

Each year, Inria launches an internal competitive recruitment campaign for assigned and non-assigned posts – Engineers, technicians and administrative staff for civil servant research engineer and technician profiles.


Illustration Concours internes
© Inria / Photo C. Morel


The 2022 internal competitive recruitment procedure is subject to length of service and activity conditions, to all civil servants, whether they work for Inria, other EPSTs (Public Science and Technology Institutes) or other branches of the civil service, including if they are contract public employees.

This year, 17 second-class research engineer positions, 14 standard-class design engineer positions, 9 assistant engineer positions and 10 senior research technician positions are to be filled.


The online application process is open until midnight on November 1, 2022.

2022 Campaign calendar

Collection of applications: du 30 septembre au 1er novembre 2022

Eligibility: du 7 novembre au 25 novembre 2022

Admission: du 28 novembre au 16 décembre 2022

Appointment on 1 January 2023