Recruitment of researchers, engineers and support functions in situations of disability

Changed on 11/01/2022

Since 2019, Inria has been committed to an active policy towards people with disabilities. In 2021, the institute will offer several positions within its research centres for young researchers and support staff with disabilities.

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Recruitment 2021

As part of its recruitment campaign for 2021, Inria is recruiting people with disabilities on a contractual basis. This recruitment procedure, provided for by regulations, aims to encourage the recruitment of candidates with disabilities on the basis of a one-year contract, renewable once. At the end of their contract and after the opinion of a professional panel, successful candidates may be appointed to permanent positions.

For scientists

In 2021, Inria is opening 3 regular class research officer positions, to be filled in all Inria research centres through a call for applications:

Calendar of the 2021 campaign

  • Opening: 15 March 2021
  • Closing date for registration: 25 April 2021
  • National Recruitment Commission and hearings: June 2021 
  • Start date: as of October 1, 2021

How to apply?

  • Choose an Inria research team in which you would like to be integrated;
  • Contact the head of the team to find out with him or her what the possibilities are;
  • After obtaining the team leader's agreement, compile an application file and send it to the Human Resources Department in zipped .pdf format to the following address:

Your application must include:

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  • a detailled curriculum vitae of the applicant,
  • a document summarising the main past achievements (research, technological development, ...), clearly indicating personal contributions (maximum 3 pages),
  • a research programme (maximum 3 pages),
  • a reasoned opinion of the head of the host project-team, 
  • a reasoned opinion from the director of the host research centre,
  • letters of recommendation, if any,
  • valid proof of your status as a beneficiary of the obligation to work as a disabled worker (RQTH, AAH, CMI, etc.). 

Application conditions

  • There is no restriction on the age or nationality of applicants
  • The following may apply:
    • the beneficiaries mentioned in Article L. 5212-13 of the Labour Code and possessing valid proof of their status as beneficiaries of the obligation to employ disabled workers (RQTH, AAH, CMI, etc.);
    • holders of a doctorate or equivalent diploma;
    • candidates with scientific qualifications and work deemed to be equivalent.

Handi-Welcoming Recruitment

Recruitment opportunities through contractual arrangements are made in application of Article 27 of Law No. 84-16, as amended, relating to certain procedures for recruiting people with disabilities into the State Civil Service. The general conditions of access prior to recruitment are specified in Decree No. 95-979 of 25 August 1995 as amended relating to the recruitment of disabled workers in the civil service.

Please note: this method of recruitment is not open to beneficiaries of the employment obligation who are already civil servants.


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For support functions

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In 2021, Inria will soon be offering 9 engineering and technical positions, all trades combined, to be filled at all Inria research centres within the framework of a call for applications:

Join us!

  • Find out more about our engineering and technical positions.

The human resources manager and my manager offered me a fixed-term disability contract, with the aim of helping me move towards a permanent position. During the test, we had put in place tips to make sure I understood, I reworded the questions or we used the video chat.




recruited in June 2017


If you have any questions or enquiries about vacancies, please contact the recruiting centre's human resources department:

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