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Changed on 19/06/2024

Since 2008, Inria Saclay Centre has been supporting researchers and engineers in the creation of deeptech startups. 15 startups or startup projects have been created. Their main activities are focused on industry, digital health, cryptography, entertainment... They reflect the richness and diversity of the research conducted in the centre.

Digital health

Illustration AlphaBrain


AlphaBrain project proposes a non-invasive, real-time augmented brain monitoring solution for general anaesthesia. This innovation aims to reduce the risk of perioperative complications due to sub-optimal anaesthesia management. AlphaBrain is a startup project of the MIND project team.

Illustration AnaestAssist

Anaest Assist

AnaestAssist project aims to develop innovative digital tools for anaesthesia-intensive care, making it possible to personalise and optimise the management of patients from a cardiovascular point of view, and thus improve their prognosis after surgery or intensive care.

Illustration Lixoft


The company Lixoft is managed by Jérôme Kalifa and Marc Lavielle of the XPop project team. It develops new algorithms and protocols to improve the performance and processing time of pharmacological studies for the development of new drugs.

Illustration Milvue


Milvue is a company created by Malo Huard, a former doctoral student in the Celeste project team. Milvue implements solutions that improve the efficiency of scheduled and emergency radiography and osteoarticular measurements.

Illustration T-INSIL


T-INSIL (Tissue-IN -SILico) is a software technology designed to address biotechnology applications with multicellular systems. Using high-end models, T-INSIL creates highly realistic digital twins of the real in-vitro system.

Illustration Therapanacea


Therapanacea develops software with artificial intelligence components to assist medical teams in the diagnosis of radiotherapy treatments for cancer.

Illustration Therapixel


Therapixel is developing an autonomous and contactless navigation system for medical imaging: a device that is eagerly awaited by surgeons who cannot afford any contact in the operating room with unsanitised equipment.

Illustration WeDiagnotix


WeDiagnostiX was created by Hugues Talbot, a researcher in the Opis project team. It is an artificial intelligence system that reads and interprets panoramic dental X-rays and produces a report in a few clicks.


Illustration Realspawn


Realspawn is a game publishing studio project that sets a new standard for gameplay.

Illustration Shotam


Shotam is developing a technology that allows martial arts confrontations in a virtual world. It is based on existing equipment such as VR (virtual reality) headsets and motion capture tools.

Online services

Illustration MFA

Memes for all

Memes for all (MFA) is a startup project that aims to develop a search engine for memes on the Internet.

Illustration Smartphone ID


SmartphoneID is a company created by Hugues Talbot, member of the OPIS project team. It is the first mobile application that allows you to take your identity photos in accordance with the standards, directly from your mobile phone, and to receive them by email or by post.

Industry and construction

Illustration Operys


Operys is a startup project that aims to reduce errors on construction sites by simplifying operational communication.




Cryptosense is a company founded by Graham Steel, a former Inria researcher. Cryptosense has developed the Tookan software, a test tool for cryptographic systems.



OcamlPro, co-founded by Fabrice Le Fessant, a former Inria researcher, provides a professional development environment for the OCaml language user community, as well as associated support services for the verification of generated code.

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