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Educational actions

Coming together

It is important to bring people together and spread scientific awareness whenever possible. This is why Inria's two research centres in the Ile-de-France region (Paris-Rocquencourt and Saclay - Ile-de-France) are participating jointly in the "Culture et jeux mathématiques" show and the Fête de la Science, which take place yearly in May and October respectively.

The "Culture et Jeux mathématiques" show

Since the inaugural edition in 2000, this show has proved a real hit with the young.

"Learn and think, but enjoy yourself at the same time" - that is the motto of Marie-José Pestel, a maths teacher and Chair of the International Committee for Mathematical Games (CIJM). Marie-José and other CIJM volunteers have been organising the show with great passion for the last ten years.

Each year, a few more visitors take part in this festival of mathematics held in the open air in Place Saint Sulpice in central Paris. Game designers, publishers, research organisations, scientists... all participants are keen to share their passion for maths and sciences with young and old alike. And for the Inria team, the event is an opportunity to inspire young people to pursue careers in its fields of activity.

Every year, several hundred people visit our stand. Each year, the event offers attractions based around a given theme.

This year, when the theme was "Mathematics and the Future", we presented a workshop entitled "Are robots our future?". This presented research in the field of programming (processes, languages, etc.). We wanted to take an object that excites the public imagination, the robot, and show the public how it operates, how it can solve problems and even how it can be autonomous.

The second workshop was entitled "Understanding mathematics and computer science" and aimed, through small-scale activities (magic trick, organising a dictionary, etc.) to promote understanding of the world of mathematics and its importance.

The Fête de la Science

Since 1992, the Fête de la Science has been held each year. This week-long event held throughout France aims to bring science to the widest possible audience. Research organisations, universities, businesses and associations hold exhibitions, workshops and forums, where scientists explain and share their knowledge, know-how and information on the most recent discoveries and innovations.

All the Inria centres take part in the event and the two Ile-de-France centres are no exception. Each year they come together to present activities based around a given theme.

Bouge la Science

Since 1998, Supelec students' association "Espérance en Béton" ("Concrete Hopes"), has organised an annual day entitled "Bouge la Science" ("Getting science moving").
Acting as mentors for secondary school pupils from the most disadvantaged educational districts, students, mostly from Supelec but also from Grandes Ecoles such as the Ecole Polytechnique, the ENSTA and HEC, guide and supervise the pupils during a day of scientific discovery.
This day, in which the Inria Saclay - Île-de-France research centre is a participant, provides an opportunity for these schoolchildren to find out about sciences in a fun and appealing way through experiments and activities organised by students and research institutes.

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