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Pauline de saboulin Bollèna - 9/01/2015

The University of Paris-Saclay: a new university for France

For more than three years, Inria and the members of the Scientific Research Foundation (Fondation de Coopération Scientifique - FCS) have been working together with the aim of creating a new federal structure bringing together leading scientific research institutions and higher education establishments to deliver a new university capable of taking its place alongside the best in the world. The University of Paris-Saclay came into being on the 31st December 2014. Destined to become a major research university, it will benefit from close ties with the largest group of universities in Europe, all located in the Greater Paris region.

The University of Paris-Saclay will enjoy access to the cluster of exceptional scientific expertise already located in the Paris-Saclay area.

The university brings together nineteen varied and complementary scientific establishments, including two universities, ten leading academic institutions and seven research organisations. These establishments decided to join a single federal structure in 2014, determined to meet the challenges of global competition in higher education, research and innovation. Their teaching activities and internationally recognised research will now be combined in the University of Paris-Saclay.

Located on the Paris-Saclay plateau, at the heart of the largest business and private research cluster in Europe, the University of Paris-Saclay will be a major driving force in the development of the industrial fabric, with particular emphasis on the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

Many of the largest international companies have already established research, development and teaching facilities in the Paris-Saclay area, including Danone, Air Liquide, Thalès, EDF, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Dassault Systems, Ipsen, and General Electric. More are expected to join them following a marketing programme presented in collaboration with local government and targeted on start-up companies and SMEs.

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