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Charlotte Renauld - 27/05/2016

"Unithé ou café": Olivier Teytaud speaks about artificial intelligence and neural networks

The "Unithé ou café" meetings were relaunched at the Inria Saclay - Île-de-France research centre on Thursday 19 May 2016, and welcomed Olivier Teytaud - member of the TAO project-team - who spoke to us about artificial intelligence and its application to the Go game (at the forefront of the news a few weeks ago), but also electricity, curriculum vitae of cows and hippopotamuses playing table tennis!

For those who were unable to attend the presentation, here are a few pointers on the subject: 

  • The Deep Blue machine, developed by IBM, beat Kasparov at chess in 1987.
  • AlphaGo, a machine developed by Google, beat Lee Sedol at the Go game in 2016.
  • If the computer is extremely good at playing Go, it is because it practises on millions of games that are played on millions of hearts at the same time.
  • Inria researchers have, for many years, played a part in developing technology to take artificial intelligence (AI) forward, in particular Monte-Carlo Tree Search technology, one of the major components of recent AI.
  • By "playing" with neural networks, artificial intelligence can create new images, such as "photos" of people who do not exist.
  • The future of artificial intelligence: autonomous cars, warehouses, medical robots, drones.
  • Artificial intelligence is "non-existent" for: understanding common sense, understanding of a text, versatility, the unknown, and deduction based on very little information.

Olivier Teytaud's presentation can also be downloaded here :

Unithé ou café_Olivier Teytaud_19 mai 2016 (pdf, 10 Mo)

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