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Marie Collin - 2/06/2016

Anatoscope and Pixyl en route to conquer the North American markets

Two start-ups - Anatoscope and Pixyl -, winners of the NETVA 2016 competition, will travel to Boston and Washington, respectively, to take part in a personalised support program to learn about the North American markets.

ANATOSCOPE develops software solutions for orthodontists and orthopaedists to build 3D digital avatars based on medical images of the patient, which can then be used to simulate and refine medical treatment and prosthetics.

PIXYL develops neuro-imaging software which automatically analyses brain lesion load using MRI scans, for improved decision-making during clinical trials and routine clinical use.

The NETVA competition is open to French hi-tech start-ups. It is organised by the science and technology departments of the French embassies in Canada and the USA.

Keywords: Netva 2016 - Innovation - Pixyl - Anatoscope