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CitizenPress - 16/10/2015

The many facets of 3D


The 3DV conference, devoted to computer vision, will take place in Lyon from 19-22 October. Edmond Boyer, research director at Inria Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes and organiser of this year's international event, tells us about its aims and the issues at stake.

Edmond_Boyer Edmond Boyer

What does the 3DV conference represent for researchers?

This international meeting makes it possible to follow the latest advances in the field of 3D imaging. Its goal is to promote the emergence of a new scientific community in this field, at the crossroads of two communities that are already well-established: on the one hand computer vision, and on the other computer graphics.

You are head of the Morpheo team at Inria Grenoble-Rhône-Alpes. What is the nature of your work?

Together with my team, we are working on building digital models of shapes in movement based on visual information extracted from videos. These models are graphic objects, defined in space and time, made up of geometric and photometric information about shapes and their appearance. They make it possible to reproduce and analyse dynamic scenes such as human movements. Our research is paving the way for new applications in the field of games, the production of media content (adverts, films), medicine and sport. 

In your field, what are the most high-growth subjects broached during the 3DV conference?  

Work on cameras that perceive depth and reproduce 3D images is particularly promising. Researchers are also taking an interest in 4D modelling, which enables a dynamic representation of real objects integrating a time-related dimension.  Finally, we are developing learning systems capable of building 3D and 4D models of shapes more efficiently: rather than starting from scratch, these smart systems use "learnt" bases in order to recognise the models observed.

Can you say a few words about the 4D View Solutions start-up, created as a result of your research with the support of INRIA Rhône-Alpes?

4D View Solutions is a start-up that comes from the research carried out in the 4D field since the 2000s. Its vocation is to design synchronised multi-camera acquisition systems, enabling the capture of objects in movement. This technology is used to produce reliable data required for our research work, but also for commercial goals in particular in the audiovisual media industry.  Moreover, the Morpheo team is a partner of 4D View Solutions in Creamove. This research project is developing a production line capable of building 3D animations from recorded videos.

3DV 2015: 180 experts gathered in Lyon

Resulting from the merger of two international events (3Dim and 3DVDT), the 3DV conference is in its third year.  Dedicated to 3D and 4D modelling, this annual meeting of the scientific community is held alternatively in an Asian, American and European city.  Lyon has been selected to welcome the 2015 edition between 19-22 October, under the aegis of Edmond Boyer, its president and scientific contact person. In total, 74 scientific articles - selected by an international committee of researchers - are presented and are the subject of discussions and exchanges between participants.

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