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The 10th International Federated Conference on Distributed Computing Techniques

The Centre INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes organizes the 10th international conference  on emerging issues in distributed computing (DisCoTec).

  • Date : 2/06/2015 to 5/06/2015
  • Place : Inria, Montbonnot

Conferences (June 2-4):

This event will include three conferences:

  • COORDINATION: on coordination models and languages;
  • DAIS: on distributed applications and interoperable systems;
  • FORTE: on formal techniques for distributed objects, components and systems

Workshops (June 5):

On the last day, it will also include workshops:


The speakers who will present these aspects will be:

  • Alois Ferscha, Professor at the University of Linz (Austria)
  • Leslie Lamport, Computer researcher at Microsoft Research (US)
  • Willy Zwaenepoel, Professor at EPFL (Switzerland)

Keywords: DisCoTec2015 Distributed Computing Conference